How To Choose the Best Over-The- Air Antenna


There are days when we look at our cable bills and wonder why we pay so much when we do not have the time to watch half the channels we have signed up for. Further, if you are asked to list the channels you have access to, I am sure you will not get past 20. If that’s the case, then I am sure you have wondered if you can get rid of the cable and get an Over-the-Air antenna which will give you access to channels free of cost. You could supplement this with internet TV and it will result in some cool savings for you.


So, how do you choose the best antenna for you?


Know what is available first: Doing some amount of research before you buy an antenna will save you a lot of trouble later. It is important to find out what channels are available in your area. Metro area or not, you will still have access to many channels which will include major networks and their affiliates. If you have trouble finding information, look for websites that will do the work for you. There are many sites that will give you a listing of channels that you can tap into using an antenna.


With so many people beginning to show interest in antennas and aerial TV’s, websites provide detailed research and information including color coded graphs with signals strengths and channels available for a specific location. Once you identify channels, you can also find out if your favorite shows or serials will be streamed. You will benefit by going through the information. This will give you a fair idea if the purchase will be worth it in your case.


Choosing an antenna: Next comes the important part where you will choose the kind of antenna you will be needing. You will need to understand if the channels that you will be getting will be streamed from one direction (for instance a central area or a station), and in that case, you are better off with a direction specific antenna. However, where your channels can come from all directions, you will do best to choose an omnidirectional antenna (this is so that you do not have to keep adjusting the direction of your antenna to catch a certain channel)


Amplified or non-amplified: Generally, antennas can be disturbed by many factors such as the wind, landscape and so on and one way to overcome it is by installing amplifiers. What these amplifiers will do is to stabilize the signal and allow you to view your programs without disturbances. However, you should opt for amplifiers only where necessary, because experts feel that it can increase the noise levels along with the signal strength. Cabling: This is one aspect that should not be undermined. Giving importance to the cabling will only help and improve the experience. Coaxial cables are what is recommended and the reason for that is


The coaxial cable is shielded well and this prevents leakage of the signal in and out of the cable, making your viewing experience better. It has a long lifespan and hence you need not worry about the weathering and the damage that can cause on your wiring. The coaxial wires are known to stand up well to interference from metal or another wiring that is typically found in homes.


Some important tips so that your cabling is done right:


To ensure that your cabling lasts (especially since it is can be exposed to the weather) ensure that you choose wires of the best quality. Where you are installing an outdoor antenna and it needs to be brought into the house, ensure that you run the wiring through the roof, attic and so on. Avoid bringing the wires in through windows or doors.


Cabling is effective when there are minimal bends in the cable. While it is unavoidable, try to reduce the number of sharp bends in the wires. This will improve the life of the wires. Outdoor antennas should be grounded and this should not be avoided. Grounding it will protect your electrical appliance from Lightning. There are many kinds of antennas available in the market and understanding how it works will help you to pick the right one for you.


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